Golf in Europe

Golf in Europe

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Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, played by over 60 million people worldwide every year. Golf originated on the continent of Europe and is still one of the greatest places in the world to play the sport. Some of the golf courses here attract professionals from all over the world to play here every year. Here you can not just enjoy some of the most historic and oldest cultures in the world but you can also have a day or two to play on some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world creating a perfect place for a family holiday. If you are thinking of spending some of your holiday on the sunny links in Europe, consider some of the top golf spots. Port St Lucie Wildlife Removal

St. Andrews, Scotland

You Can’t talk about golf in Europe without speaking about the famed St. Andrews Golf Course in Scotland. It is thought to be the birthplace of the game and is the oldest golf course in the world. The links here were founded in the 1400’s where it became increasingly popular throughout Scotland. It is here that the rules of the game were created and hammered out over the centuries. Important championships are played here every year and a round of golf would be a proud notch on any avid golfer’s belt.

There are lots of hotels in St. Andrews to choose from. Five-star luxury hotels to smaller more intimate accommodations also.

Chantilly, France

Approximately 30 miles north of Paris, in the Ile de France forest and is considered among the best courses in France, if not the finest. It’s notoriously challenging as well as remarkably pretty. Several major tournaments are played here as well and it’s close location to Paris make it easy to get to and have an abundance of history and sites to see for entire family.

The town of Chantilly is equally as historic with the famous Chateau de Chantilly built from the 1560’s. You may see the grounds that once bread a number of the areas most noble horses in addition to the museum, stables and house itself. The town has many amazing restaurants featuring largely authentic French food. It’s a smaller city but with its fantastic charm and renowned golf course, it’ll be a once in a lifetime experience.


The sun drenched countryide and mile upon miles of shoreline makes Spain one of the most scenic locations to play golf. The sunny, mild climate make it a good spot to play any time of year. One of the top ranked golf courses here’s your Cantalunya PGA course. Nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains, not far from Spain’s northern border with France, these nicely laid out and scenic course is one of Spain’s greatest. The course itself is not far from the beautiful Costa Brava, one of Spain’s most breathtaking stretches of coastline. The wine and food in these areas is delicious and is a unique blend of both Spanish and French influence. The Stadium course is regarded as the best at Catalunya and was the product of over a decade of planning to make it not only stunning visually but challenging to play as well.

What’s even more perfect is that Catalunya is situated a mere 45 minutes north west of Barcelona, one of the best cities in Spain to research. You can either stay in Barcelona so you may enjoy all that that wonderful city has to offer with its art, culture, food, wine, and music or you can stay at some of the local hotels.

Valderrama, Spain

Another renowned course in Spain is Valderrama, believed to be as expansive as the Augusta National in the United States. This is considered one of the best courses in the world and in addition, it hosts many global championship tournaments making it very notable to most golfers. Bear in mind though that it’s still a private course so it may be difficult to tee off and it’s famous for being quite expensive as well.

Ballybunion, Ireland

Ireland is covered with world class golf courses so no matter what area you are traveling too, chances are you will easily be able to find a golf course unlike any other. There are some of the most beautiful connections in the world set in the scenic countryside of County Kerry. It too is notoriously hard but fantastic and many overlook the cold Atlantic waters.

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