The Emerald Isle

The Emerald Isle

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The emerald isle is one of the most visited nations in Europe. It’s long since fascinated people because the people, ancient culture, and most of all of the land that is steeped in legends and mystery. Millions of people are able to trace their lineage back to the Irish people and ancestry or not, tourists flock there to delve into the land of the Celts. Ireland has some of the greatest cities to explore as well, from the capital city of Dublin to the equally as fascinating cities of Cork and Galway. However, the background and sites to see are spread all around the island and deciding where to trek can be daunting. Simply renting a car and heading out on the open road can offer its own unique travel experiences, good and bad, all making for the best travel stories however. Each county is beautiful and they all have much to offer so no matter where you wander you’ll be in for a treat. However, if you would like a more planned approach to your Irish travels, here is a synopsis of some of the more notable temples and counties they offer you. Wildlife Removal San Marcos

County Cork

On the southwest coast of Ireland, is the largest county in the Republic of Ireland. This vast area of land has over sixty miles of coastline and is one of the most touristed areas outside of Dublin. The green farmlands and countryside draw outdoorsman and the villages provide some of the most scenic and romantic views in Ireland. The villages typically have smaller populations and the largest city is Cork itself. By far the most notable town in County Cork is Blarney. Here you’ll find the famous Blarney Castle and its legendary stone. Tourists have been puckering up to kiss the rock for centuries providing good luck and gift of gab, and of course a terrific view as you’re at it.

Most visitors do not flock to Ireland to lie on the beaches, however with its endless coastline, there are many seaside towns that offer a great beach vacation. County Cork’s coast juts out and in giving it countless peninsula’s and archipeligos which are a haven for wildlife and fisherman. The bays which are creating have had ancient village sprout up within them and have been inhabited for thousands of years. Mnay of the cities throughout Ireland have a medieval lineage and a long history. Other charming cities include the exciting town of Clonakilty, Kinsale, and the infamous last port of call for the Titanic from the town of Cobh with its calm deep waters in the Cork Harbour. In Cork city you’ll find plenty of historical sites to see, from St. Finbar’s Cathedral to St. Anne’s church, the University College, just to name a few. With the weather in Ireland being especially inconsistent, lots of Guinness tapping pubs will provide you with respite from the elements.

Galway County

On the western region of Ireland is Galway County, named after its largest city of Galway. Most inhabitants live in and around the Town of Galway. This vibrant city has many festivals and celebrations, especially in the warmer summer months which makes it a very exciting place to visit. You will find art festivals and plenty of opportunities to consume all things Irish. You will quickly understand why it is known as the cultural heart of Ireland.

This area has a strong Irish tradition which is still held dear by the individuals who live here, making it a wonderful place to actually experience the Irish culture and way of life. Humans have occupied this area for thousands of years and there are numerous ruins, eons old to explore. The smaller villages are the best places to truly feel as if you have delved into ancient Ireland. For instance in Belclare, and historical castle of Kirwans is constructed beneath the Knockma mountain, considered to be the realm of Finvarra and ruler of the fairies. The ancient Hackett clan was believed to be able to talk to the fairies and was ultimately doomed by them.

County Limerick

Located on the river Shannon, it is the third most populated city in Ireland. Rich, green pastures are coupled with a historical city center. The town itself dates back to 812 making it one of the earliest settlements in Ireland. It is most famous landmark is King John’s Castle King’s Island and St. Mary’s Cathedral.

The movie Angela’s Ashes was based here and there are several organized walking tours based on it. Limerick was a medieval town giving it numerous historic churches, streets, monasteries and buildings to enjoy.

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